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Basic Eggless Sponge Cake

15 Jan

I  tried a number of recipes for the basic eggless sponge cake and am particularly impressed with this recipe for the following reasons:

A bouncy and fluffy eggless sponge cake made with minimum ingredients

1. I wanted an eggless cake that was light and airy and really swelled up and found this recipe to be the perfect one for such specifications.

2. Unlike other eggless cake preparations that call for ingredients like condensed milk or butter which may not be always available with you or may be pretty expensive, this is made with curd and oil which are easily available.

3. The chef has described the recipe so well that I actually saw the described results of each and every instruction happening.

I tried a number of eggless cake recipes before, some of them suggested cocoa cola, or vinegar, or disproportionately large or small amounts of baking powder or soda, incorrect proportion of sugar etc. but this recipe does not have all those defects. You will get a perfectly moist and bouncy cake with perfect taste and proportion.

I tried this recipe with double proportion of ingredients as I wanted a bigger cake, but it came out well. Also I just tried a twist of flavor by adding 1/2 tsp of orange essence along with vanilla essence for a hint of fruity taste.